Panzer T-34 Sіmferopol. 360° spherical Panorama

Near building of parliament of the Autonomous republic of Crimea, the public garden of Victory, the main decorations of that are a temple of Alexander Невского and tank, is located- monument to the toliberators of Crimea(memorial to the defenders and liberators of Crimea from fascist invaders).The monument is standing on the pedestal of the present T-34 panzer, but rather it is a rare modification of the RT-34. About the letter in the abbreviation indicates that the panzer was installed as the flamethrower, the tank has a 76-mm cannon. The monument in the park was set right at the time of World War II, 3 months after the liberation of Simferopol, 13.06.1944goda.

In January 2003 T-34 panzer in connection with the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on the restoration of the church of St. Alexander Nevsky was moved to a new pedestal in the Park of Glory. At the same time a memorial of Fame was created, consisting of eleven items that perpetuate the memory not only the tank, killed in action in Simferopol, Crimea, and the soldiers of the 4th Ukrainian Front, airmen, sailors, separate Maritime Army, Crimean partisans and home front workers.
As you can see the panorama of the reconstruction of the church of Alexander Nevsky in Simferopol actively continues to this day. On the other hand the church of Alexander Nevsky (the second panorama) you see the obelisk of Prince Dolgoruky. January 1, 2012.