Zbarazh. 360° spherical Panoramas

Uspenska church in Zbarazh
Zbarazh is one of the cities of Ukraine, which has the rich historical events of the past. In these places are situated numerous historical and architectural monuments.
Zbarazh is located in the beautiful countryside on the banks of a tributary of the Siret River - Gizna, as well as on the mountain ridge Tovtry.
Zbarazh has a rich history and the first memory of this city dates back to 1211 in the chronical. The historic district is located in the village of Old Zbarazh, which is situated three kilometers far from the city. The numerous excavations and burials were discovered there, and important historical finds as well.
Zbarazh was once the administrative center and had the military and judicial significance. At the place of a wooden fort was built a powerful castle, which faithfully served to the citizens, providing protection from enemy attacks. However, when in 1474 the castle stood in the way of the hordes of Khan Aydor, fortress could not bear the pressure of enemy troops and was destroyed.
The most memorable and famous place in this city is Zbarazh castle, around which events are reflected in the novel "With Fire and Sword" by Henryk Sienkiewicz.
During its existence, Zbarazh castle was owned by the Polish gentry. After the Fortress was destroyed by the Tatars, the Zbarazh prince gave orders to build a new castle. The Zbarazh Castle is a wonderful example of fortification architecture of bygone days – with its casemate walls, ramparts, the entrance tower, the surrounding moat and the palace, built in Renaissance style. On the territory of Zbarazh castle there are tourist excursions, there is a museum too.
Also here in Zbarazh there are other buildings of historical value - is the Church of Christ the Savior, dating from the 1600 year, and Bernardine Monastery, which construction was begun in 1626.
The population is primarily composed of Zbarazh Jews. This small town is the birthplace of the founder of the Jewish song tradition Velvl Zbarazher and miracle-worker Wolf Zbarazher. Also in Zbarazh there was a large Hasidic community.
The city itself was beautifully Zbarazh depicted in the famous historical novel by Henryk Sienkiewicz "With Fire and Sword." In addition, in Zbarazh castle was shot Polish film based on this novel.
Also Zbarazh is the protagonist of many poems and novels by Lubov Gontaruk, for example, in her book "Above Gizna."