Mukachevo. 360° spherical Panoramas

In the Central part of the Transcarpathian region, and more specifically, on the left Bank of the river Latoritsa, is a city called Mukachevo.
Look 360° spherical Panoramas in Mukachevo:
 Here at any time of the year tourists come, attracted by the sights of Mukachevo - historical and architectural. The most interesting for the tourists are the places such as Svyatonikolaevskiy convent, a branch of the Catholic monastery of the Eastern Vicariate of the male of the Dominican order in Ukraine, Transcarpathian state Russian drama theatre, the Greek-Catholic monastery of St. Basil the Great, as well as the Castle Palanok. Mukachevo is a city of special historical accuracy, because here a walk through the streets will be the best rest. The excursions here are very useful to learn more about the history of the city and Ukraine in general.
However, this is not all interesting things to do in Mukachevo. The city is the birthplace of such outstanding persons as performers Lolita Miluavskaya, the frontman of group «Okean Elzy» Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, as well as an outstanding scientist and pedagogue Basil Kukolnik.
However, not only historical past can be of interest to tourists in Mukachevo - definitely worth place to visit the beauty of unique landscapes. Also here, in coniferous and deciduous forests there are more than two thousand species of various plants. The rest in Mukachevo is in the warm time of the year and at winter with much snow as well. Snow-capped mountains of the Carpathians is worth seeing with your own eyes, to understand, how the mountains are beautiful and majestic.
Mukachevo is democratic city in many respects. Resting here, you can evaluate all the advantages of this wonderful, beautiful and hospitable city, besides, the prices here are not particularly high. Here is a lot of options for recreation for any taste - from private houses and estates to sanatoriums, resorts and luxury hotels. However, the main distinctive feature of rest in Mukachevo is also high quality of service for relatively low price.
However, not only a cultural vacation can be a reason to visit Mukachevo. Here you can use the services of local sanatoria and health-improving complexes, which are situated in a unique location - on the shore of the lakes, close to the forest, where the air is pure and transparent.