Cities of Ukraine. 360° spherical Panoramas







Tourism of Ukraine continues to develope, and this industry has great potential. Here in Ukraine there are many attractions that are worth our attention. It should be noted that foreign  tourists come to Ukraine to see its wonders of nature. However, our country has tourists not only from abroad. The fact is that many Ukrainians don't know everything about their motherland, so they travel around the country and find out interesting things about culture, architecture and natural attractions of Ukraine.

However, tourism does not end only on landmarks and sites. Tourist infrastructure also includes catering establishments - restaurants, cafes, and hotels as well. Of course, tourists who came from another city or even from another country, need a place to stay and to eat. Hotel and restaurant culture in Ukraine continues to grow, there are different establishments for every taste and budget, that offer a variety of interiors, different variations of the menu, as well as the conditions for business lunches, dinners and banquets. Excellent opportunities for comfortable accommodation and food services, health promotion, gyms, massage rooms, saunas are provided by  resorts, rest houses and hotel complexes.

In Ukraine there are various resort areas, which will be good at different tseasons. So, if we are talking about balneological resorts of Ukraine, the places to strengthen the immune system and cure disease with mineral water, there are plenty of them in our country to choose. The choice of the balneological resort depends primarily on the mineral spring. The issue is that different mineral waters help to cope with various diseases and influence on different organs of the human body.

Ski resorts in Ukraine - this is a great place to go in for active sports because of the snow season. Here you can go skiing and sledding, and spend a lot of time with interest and benefits for your health. Often ski resorts in the warmer months provide the conditions for green tourism. Green tourism or eco-tourism in Ukraine has recently become one of the most popular, and it includes the study of untouched nature, acquaintance with the culture, traditions and culinary specialties of each region of Ukraine.

We should also mention the sea resorts of Ukraine, because they gather a large number of tourists every year. This is not surprising, as the sea air is good for health, as well as sunbathing and swimming, that strengthens the body and makes it more strong and durable.

Ukraine offers a variety of opportunities for tourism - both for ukrainian tourists and guests from abroad. Here everyone will find entertainment for each taste and fully enjoy the culture of a particular region, everyone could find interesting monuments of culture, architecture, and amazing beauty of Ukrainian nature.