Lviv 3D panoramas

 3D spherical panorama of Lvov offers a portal for Ukraine 3D! 

 Lvov is the city of ancient traditions, with a rich history and beautiful architecture and sculpture. It is worth visiting for one day, and for a long trip as well, but anyway, you have to visit this city. We can say that Lviv is a kind of Mecca for Ukrainians and Europeans, who are eager to satisfy their cultural curiosity.
Beginning with the arrival, if you go on a journey by train, take a look at the building of the railway station - perfect arches, decorative ceilings, as well as statues of Greek gods - that is the decoration of the building of the railway station in Lvov, from where you begin to explore the city.
We advise you to go on a trip to Lviv in the direction to the center, because that's where are all the main sights and attractions of the Lion’s city. Near the railway station you can find the majestic Temple of Saint Elizabeth, situated on Kropivnitsky square. It’s real embodiment of French Gothic architecture, something like Notre Dame, similar in style.
On Gorodotska St. you can see St George Cathedral, that’s the first reason to visit the city of Lions. There, on St George's Hill, in the cathedral, you can enjoy its beauty, and visit two miraculous icons that are here. By the way, the Cathedral of St. George is in the list of UNESCO heritage.

On the Prospect of Freedom you can get acquainted with the majestic Lviv Opera House, that is essentially the visit card of the city. Don’t be surprised if this building looks so familiar to you - Lviv Opera House is depicted on the reverse side of the twenty-hryvnia bank note.
You can walk a little bit further from Lviv Opera House and you’ll see the remarkable sculptural ensemble of Taras Shevchenko monument. A little further, you can find the fountain of St. Mary, that is always strewn with bouquets of flowers.
Ask people how to get the Rynok Square. The friendly passers-by will show and tell how to get there by the shortest route. Unique Black house that is called Kamyanytsya is cituated here at Rynok Square, 4. Also here you can find museums and fountains with statues of Greek gods that decorate the perimeter of the square.

Lviv is beautiful and majestic city and there’s a lot of great and even mysterious thing you can find there.