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The so-called Slavsk is the well-known resort, situated in the small town in the Lviv region, Skolevsky district, 120 km from Lviv.
Slavsk is located in the area where two rivers Opir and Slavska merge into each other. The village of Slavskoe is surrounded on all sides by mountains.
There are many beautiful legends about the origin of the name of the village Slavskoe, one of the versions is associated with the river Slavska, which got its name in honor of the heroic glorious battle, which occurred in 1241 when the warriors Zahar Berkut were fighting against the Tatar-Mongol horde of Batu Khan. Zahar Berkut’s tomb is on top of the mountain in a village Tukhlya not far from Slavskoe.
The second version of the name of the village is connected to the legend of Prince Svyatoslav, who died being killed by his brother Svyatopolk. Afterwards Svyatoslav was buried near the village. And the name of the village comes from the word "slavny" that means "glorious". The soldiers of Prince Svyatoslav were called "slavny" because after the death of the prince they settled here.
Slavsk is one of the most popular resorts in Ukraine. It has everything for a perfect holiday, tourism and skiing. Why does Slavsko have such beautiful ski slopes? The point is that there is special microclimate that formed thanks to the favorable location of the mountains surrounding the village. According to all this snow can lie on the slopes right up to the beginning of May. Ski trails or different levels of complexity in Slavsko are located on the slopes of the mountains Trostyan, Pogar, Kremen, Menchil and Vysokiy Verkh.
The resort also attracts tourists in summer. Those who enjoy hiking can go with the tourist excursion to the peak of mountain Trostyan, to the Pysany well, to the monument of Zakhar Berkut. Also you may have a walk on the banks of the picturesque river Opir, as well as to make a trip to evergreen Carpathian forests. During floods the river Opir becomes the ideal place for such kind of sport known as rafting.