Until 1963, village of Verkhovyna was called Zhabye, and it is at a distance of 31 kilometers from the Vorokhta railway station and 150 km away from the regional centre - the Ivano-Frankivsk. Verkhovyna is situated in a picturesque place with a unique landscape. It is a mountainous part of the Carpathian Mountains on the East of the Montenegrin mountains.
 Hotels in Verkhovyna
 Verkhovyna is most attractive for tourists due to various of mountains and ridges. It is worth noting such mountains as Belaya Kobyla, Sinitsa, Pushkar and Mazurka. Tourists are interested not only in the conquest of the peaks as well as other kinds of mountain recreation. For example, in the summer Mazurka and Pushkar are the places with lots of mushrooms. The Belaya Kobyla and Sinitsa worth a visit, if you want to gather some berries. Mountain Pop-Ivan has a height of 2020 metres above sea level, and it is interesting because of the old Polish Observatory on the top of it.
Also it is interesting, that at the mountain Sinitsa there is a unique historical and natural memo – the Dovbush caves. According to the ancient legends, these caves were the shelter for Oleksa Dovbush and his bands of opryshky, as well as the place to hide their treasures.

 Tourist routes are divided according to difficulty, and it depends on the height of the mountains. The lowest and easy to climb in the mountains is a mountain Pushkar, more complex, and thus the higher will be the mountain Mazurka, Sinitsa and Belaya Kobyla.
Also in the mountains there are sources of mineral waters, to which may take some tourist routs. On the way to them, and also in other areas, one may be faced with a lot of interesting things. Mountain valley of the Smotrych is a very picturesque place. It is also worth to visit the famous Pysany stone in the mountains.