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 Amazing city, formerly known as Stanislaviv, is famous for the fact that a tol of prominent figures of Ukrainian culture lived there, and one of them even gave his name to this city. Of course, we are talking about Ivan Franko, and the city which is called Ivano-Frankovsk.
Here in Ivano-Frankivsk lived such persons as Lesia Ukrainka, Jaroslav Osmomysl and Danilo Galitsky. Ivano-Frankivsk is also known for its ethnicity, because here live many different ethnic groups – there are Hutsuls, Boikos, Pokuttyans. Although they all live and in the same area, but their culture is different, unique, all of them have their own customs and architecture.


Interestingly, the mountain Goverla it situated here and it’s the highest point of Ukraine. The slopes of this mountain are decorated with waterfalls of Prut river and they all look like luxurious necklace. Unusual shapes of rocks, sandstones attract views and interest, because they are associated with the legend and mystery.
The Frankivsk mountains make the interest to the tourists because of for skiing in winter season. And any other season here, too, is something to see – there’re beautiful meadows strewn with flowers of forbs that smell so good, and ice water from mountain springs and curative water from mineral springs.

Here in Ivano-Frankivsk there is a lot of facilities and recreation for every taste and with a variety of services, where you can not only relax but also improve your health.
You have to spend some time in Ivano-Frankivsk for walking. Pay attention to the Armenian church, representing the architecture of the Baroque, to the Guildhall and others sites of this great and picturesque city.

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