Truskavets 3D Tour

Truskavets is Ukrainian resort, which is so famous for its mineral springs. If you ask someone, even a stranger what place he or she considers the most useful and healthy for the rest, you will probably hear this settlement that is Truskavets. It’s the most harmonious combination of the unique beauty of nature, framed by low hills, behind which are the foot of the Carpathian Mountains.

If you plan not only to relax but also to improve their health, then you are lucky person if you are here in Truskavets. It’s the worth place for any reason. You can come here not only on your own – people often come here on a family wellness vacation. The unique springs with mineral water is the first reason of visiting Truskavets.

Sanatorium "Crystal Palace"
Sanatorium "Crystal Palace"

Sanatorium Victor

Hotel Victor

Hotel Europe

Hotel Malvy


Truskavets offers a lot of comfortable resorts, hotels and restaurants. And you can get acquainted with the interior using the technology of spherical panoramas. The maximum possible angle of the space (360h180 degrees) allows you to visit virtually the desired place, to consider all the pros and cons and make your choice. So you can make a reservation in a hotel or restaurant. To view the panoramas click on the links shown below. On this page you also can find the phone numbers.

Truskavets attracts tourists from all over the world not only because its natural beauty. But these places are worth of visiting. If you go for a walk around the city of Truskavets, you can get a lot of fun, just walking and enjoying the fresh air, because it’s the land of wildlife. Don’t forget to take your camera with you - you are able to capture the beautiful landscapes of Truskavets, to look them through and to recollect your recreation at this place.
If you walk 3 kilometers from Truskavets, you can reach the lake, located near the forest Pomyarki. The lake was formed in the place where previously was mining ozocerite that is naturally occurring odoriferous mineral wax or paraffin. In the warm season it is a real pleasure to plunge into the crystal clear water. Interestingly, near the lake are some mineral springs, which are not only used just for drinking for the curative and preventive purpose, but also for medicinal bathing and washing.