The village of Mykulychynin in Ivano-Frankivsk region is subordinated to the town of Yaremche, and the closest to Mykulychyn settlements are Vorokhta, Polyanytsya (Bukovel), Yablunytsya and Tartariv.
Mykulychyn village is a resort in the lower part of the Carpathian mountains, which is located in the valley of the river Prut. It is interesting that the total length of Mykulychyn village is 44 kilometers, and it is the longest village in Ukraine. Also worth noting is that Mykulychyn village is situated on the territory of the Carpathian natural national Park, which means the amazing beauty of the local landscapes, healthy mountain air and pure nature. This village is located at the altitude of 750 meters above sea level.
Historical evidence suggests that Mykulychyn village was founded in 1412, and treated to Dalyatyn municipality. Brothers Stetsko and Ivashko Negovichs owned this territory till 1579, after which Mykulychyn passed on to Khotymyrsky, Bludnitsky and brothers Turetsky. The magnate Belzeretsky took Mykulychyn in the end of XVI century. With regard to historical research, the first settlements in this area belonged to Drevlians. In the 10th century Prince Mal founded here a military settlement called Iskrokosty. This town was founded to protect the borders of the Kievan Rus.
Previously Mykulychyn pulled through to the ridge of Chernogorka, but in 1927, the Tatariv and Vorokhta were separated from it. Prior to that, Mykulychyn village was a part of Poland and was considered the largest settlement.
Mykulychyn survived the Second World war, and the post-war period left a considerable mark on the local population. After this population became Ukrainian. According to the 2001 population census, in village of Mykulychyn there is about 4900 residents.