Svetlovodsk is a small town in Ukraine, which is located in the Kirovograd region, in geographical center of Ukraine. At one time it had the status of resort town because of its location - on the shores of a large reservoir on Dnieper.
Restaurants in Svetlovodsk
Svetlovodsk is the young city of Ukraine, because it was built in 1954, during the heyday of the USSR. Despite such a young age, Svetlovodsk have something to show in terms of attractions and places.
Next to the central registry office there is Svetlovodsk museum of local lore, which occupies a small cottage. At this museum you can see the mammoth bones and traces of existence of the Scythians in the local area.

Not far from the pharmacy on Lenin Street there grows an unusual tree - it does not fit into the overall situation, as growing here long before buildings. It is called the Tree of Memory Taburischa and has its own history.
Granite monument to Lenin is located in front of the school №5. This monument was erected in Novogeorgiyevsk before the Great Patriotic War, and he was transported to Svetlovodsk after the flooding of the Kremenchug reservoir. Earlier this monument had a bust of proletarian leader, but in the 90-es it was gone.
Svetlovodsk memorial complex is located near the old cemetery of the city. The whole complex consists of the monuments brought from Novogoeorgievsk and the mass grave of the Soviet Army soldiers, which fought for the city.
In Primorsky park you can find another monument - plane, built in honor of the soldiers of the fifth Guards Airborne Division.
The street of Boyko is the place where the monument of Kurukov battle stands. It’s the monument in memory of the events of the early 18th century to the Ukrainian Cossacks. Earlier this monument was in the village Chechelevo.
In honor of the twentieth anniversary of the Great Victory of the Soviet people on the highest point of Taburischanskiy cape was built the Obelisk of Glory.
The thirtieth anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War in the Primorsky squire of Svetlovodsk there was erected a monument dedicated to the soldiers who gave their lives in crossing the Dnieper. Early it had burning flames of eternal fire. Now the eternal flame burns only for the Victory Day.