The port of Odessa

The port of Odessa is one of the largest ports of the Black and Azov seas. It is located in the North-Eastern part of the Black sea at the intersection of historical route - the trade ways to the West and the East. Odessa sea port is the leader in the whole of Ukraine on volumes of cargo transshipment. In addition, it is the largest passenger port on the Black sea.
The construction of Odessa marine station began in 1968 according to the project of architects Golovin and Kremlyakov. Sea port of Odessa is a unique creation of talent, made of glass and metal. The territory of the Odessa sea commercial port this is a favorite walking place for citizens of Odessa and visitors of the city, especially on summer.
International cruise liners moor on both sides of the embankment, and in front of the passenger terminal you can see the sculpture by Ernst Neizvestny called «the Golden boy», which is a symbol of good luck of seafarers and travelers.
Monument «the Wife of the seafarer», which is located on the berth of Odessa sea station was opened in 2002. The author of the sculpture is architect Alexander Tokarev. The monument represents a woman, holding the child in her arms and looking far away to the sea from the improvised balcony. A small speaker next to the sculpture plays a song about the wives of seafarers by Leonid Utesov.
Next to the building of the marine station there is a hotel «Odessa», behind which you can see the open exposition of anchors. This collection consists of anchors that were found in different regions of the Black sea - from the port of Odessa, from Zatoka and Berdyansk. At the bottom of the Black sea there are a lot of sunken ships with the anchors that also will be taken and will join the Odessa collection.
If you walk on the embankment of sea port of Odessa up to the end, you will be able to see the yacht-club, the Church of St. Nicholas and the Maritime art gallery. The temple will leave a lasting impression on the guests of the city, since it is a modern cult building, perhaps, the only one in its kind. You can not only walk along the berth and visit the «Yacht club», where you can organize a boat trip. The initiators of the creation of the gallery were Tatiana and Radu Binovsky. Various exhibitions, as well as conferences and meetings take place here.