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Odessa is a fantastic city on the seashore, and it’s a real pearl, glorified in songs and poems. Tourists flock to rest in Odessa, from the beginning of April. The main question of the guests of the city is to find the place to stay for the night and have a rest. It is very nice that in Odessa and next to the city there are many different hotels, mini-hotels, private houses, where you can search for a suitable number. On our site there are lots of spherical panoramas of Odessa institutions, where you can choose any hotel you like and to book a suitable room on the following numbers.
Most of the hotels in Odessa are of high class, with regard to the maintenance, decoration of the rooms, and the services provided. The presence of such hotels is a privilege of the resort city. Here can be found the rooms to any taste - from single, double or family rooms, Deluxe rooms, Suite, Semi Suit, standard or economy. There are also special offers for newlyweds, when booking the room goes with special discounts and offers, as well as gifts for the newlyweds from the hotel.
However, there are also cheaper places to stay here in Odessa - the so-called mini-hotels, calculated on a few of the rooms. There also comfortable, quiet, almost home-like places and the prices were somewhat lower than in the large hotel complexes. You can find them anywhere - not far from Odessa beaches, a little farther away from the beaches, in the country – you’ll choose the suitable one.
You can find in Odessa the hotels, which will be the ideal solution in terms of price and quality. You can find such institutions, which are located in the picturesque areas of Odessa, from where you can easily get to any place of the city. The interior of such hotels is pleasant for the general – atmosphere and qualified service. In the rooms there are all necessary amenities, as well as means of hygiene.
In the majority of hotels of Odessa there are also cafes and restaurants, where you can have a tasty meal or order breakfast or dinner in the room. Also for the holidays there is a special offer - in the banquet halls of the hotel-restaurant complexes it is possible to organize wedding banquets, anniversaries, graduation parties, corporate parties and other holidays. For the good mood nice music will play for you, as well as professional group of musicians and masters of ceremonies. Since this is a restaurant in the hotel, thus the question with the resettlement, for example, non-resident guests at a wedding, is easy to solve.
The important point for business trips in Odessa is also a place for conferences, seminars and trainings. In hotels in Odessa there are special conference halls with all necessary equipment.
The hotel Odessa offers shuttle service, call a taxi, luggage storage. Payment can be made in cash and by credit card.