Cathedral of the Holy Spirit city of Chernivtsi

 The Cathedral of the Holy Spirit is the main Orthodox Shrine of Bukovina region, located in Chernivtsi.

For centuries Bukovina kept the Orthodox faith. The construction of the main and the largest Orthodox Church Bukovina - the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit began in 1844, and was completed only in 20 years, because Bukovina were living hard times. On the fourth of July, 1864, the new Cathedral was consecrated by the first Metropolitan of Bukovyna and Dalmatia Eugene (Hakman) – the initiator, philanthropist and organizer of the construction of the temple. The work on interior decoration of the Cathedral lasted another 30 years. It is known that the walls of the Church were painted by artists of the Vienna in 1892-1896 years.
Built in Byzantine style, the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit impresses by its grandeur and beauty. Above the main entrance, on the outer wall has preserved the relief image of Mithras, Rod and Cross - symbols of its Episcopal authority.
Few people remember, that in the history of the Cathedral were sad pages in 1961, when the Communist authorities closed the Church, and relics were transferred to museums, and wall painting of the lower part of the Church were lost. The paintings of upper part of the walls, made by the Austrian artist Carl Yobst, were miraculously preserved. Now in the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit you can see the magnificent iconostasis, the lower tier of which has not survived, and was played, and the upper tier is the original!
Old residents of Chernivtsi cannot forget how in days of the USSR in the walls of the main Orthodox churches - the Cathedral housed the warehouse, and in 1970 it took the Museum of art. Only in 1989 the Cathedral resumed its service. In the temple, which accommodates up to 4 thousand parishioners, there are always people. Metropolitan of Chernivtsi and Bukovinsky Onufry and clergy of Chernivtsi-Bukovynian eparchy are the heads of divine service.
The temple is open to visitors all day you long so you can admire its beauty, pray and light candles. The main shrines of the temple are relics of holy GreatMartyress Barbara, external oak cross with the particles of the life-giving cross, the wonderworking icon of the Mother of God "Trooditissa", which was brought from Cyprus.
In front of the Cathedral is the monument to the first Bukovinian Metropolitan Eugene (Hakman) that attracts the attention, and the inauguration of the monument, which is now the decoration of Chernivtsi, was held on 12 March 2006.
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