Monument "Duke de Richelieu". 360° spherical Panorama

The Duke de Richelieu is outstanding personality in the history of Odessa. He’s also known by the name Armand Emmanuel du Plessis, or simply Duke. The majestic monument to this person adorns the Odessa for almost two centuries. This monument is located on Primorsky Boulevard of Odessa, and it can be named a true visiting card of the city, because the Duke made a significant contribution to the development of the city, which eventually turned into a real pearl of the Black sea.
The Duke de Richelieu has been serving as Governor General of Odessa from 1803 to 1814, and during this time he did a lot for the development of Odessa and residents. At that time the residents of Odessa weren't even pay taxes, and in that time the active construction of the city began. Thanks to the Duke the city of Odessa became a major trading port. After that, as the Bourbons again took the throne of France, Richelieu returned to his motherland.
It is interesting, that the «Bronze Duke», as it is called in Odessa, became the first monument, installed in the city – it was opened on April 22 in 1828, in 6 years after the death of the Duke. When the news of the death of Duke de Richelieu came to Odessa, the new mayor of the city Earl Langeron addressed the population to collect funds for the construction of the monument to honor the Duke, who did so much for Odessa. It is noteworthy, that everyone gave some money for the monument, even ordinary workers and longshoremen.
The commemorative plaque was made at first, and it stands on the monument to this day. It is notable that there is specified the year 1826 year, because the plaque was made much earlier than the monument. The sculptors Martos and Melnikov, well-known by the Moscow monument to Minin and Pozharsky, made the project of the monument to the Duke. The Duke de Richelieu is «dressed» in a Roman toga. The pedestal is decorated with high reliefs, and it was created by the sculptor Ekimov.
It's also interesting that in the foundation of a monument to the Duke were based ancient coins and a medallion with the image of the Duke, which was produced in Paris after his death. Bronze Duke is on the tetrahedral granite pedestal, and the pedestal is set on a truncated tetrahedral pyramid. Grand Duke de Richelieu is above the Potemkin stairs, and his eyes are directed to the sea.
The years go by, and the mayor of the city still lives in Odessa, watching its life and prosperity. Odessa citizens value their history, honor the memory of Duke de Richelieu and are proud of such a wonderful talisman is a majestic «Bronze Duke», which still preserves and protects their city.