On the 15 of January, 2012, the famous festival called Malanka took place in Chernivtsi. Villagers of Bukovina attended the Philarmonic square of the city of Chernivtsi using carnival decorated cars: here came the ships of the Aurora and the Titanic. The guests of the holiday could see the aircrafts of Boeing and of the air force; mobile bath without walls; guys dressed like the women activists FEMEN, Pirates of the Caribbean. There were also Pereberiya of Vashkivtsy, cartoon heroes of Madagascar movie, Arab sheikhs and the exit Pechersk court of Kyiv with the arrested Yulia Timoshenko under the protection of the «Berkut» dressed in black raider masks. In 2012, the Bukovynian Malanka passed with special scope and a carnival mood thanks to warm winter weather and great snow. This festival took place in Chernivtsi for the first time this winter.