Memorial complex of Glory. Vinnitsa

In 1958 in Vinnitsa was opened the memorial complex of Glory. This complex was created to commemorate the participants of the October revolution and the heroes of the civil and the Great Patriotic war.
With regard to the design of the monument, it is a figure of the Soldier, the Sailor of civil war and the Soldier of Red Army made of copper. The sculptures have a height of 4 meters, and they are set on a pedestal of reinforced concrete. Before the sculptural composition there is the Eternal flame. The memorial complex also includes granite plates, on which are carved the names of the heroes who defended the country.
Memorial of Glory in Vinnitsa is located in the Park of Kozitsky, and its authors are the architect Spuskanyuk and sculptor Kulenko.
The citizens of Vinnitsa fought bravely in the war period and did everything possible to their native land not get to the enemy. The occupation regime in Vinnitsa was a particularly brutal, it is worth noting that Hitler's headquarters «Werwolf» was located just a few kilometers from the city, so in Vinnitsa in time of war, there were many Gestapo and the SS representatives, and close to the city there were some concentration camps.
In war times in Vinnitsa worked underground organizations and partisan groups. Residents of the city honor the memory of those people, who bravely fought for the freedom of their native land. In honor of the heroes of the civil and the Great Patriotic war was erected a Memorial complex of Glory.
The names of people who gave their lives for the freedom and future of Vinnitsa, is carved on 18 granite slabs, which were included in the complex. Among them are the names of Heroes of the Soviet Union – Ratushnaya, Kuriya, Kuzmin, Melnik and many others.