Monument to Grigory Artynov

 In 2010, Vinnitsa noted its 655-th birthday, and this event was timed to coincide with the opening of the monument to the first architect of the city Gregory Artynov.
The monument was made of bronze by famous Lviv sculptor Vladimir Tsysarik, and it has installed in the pedestrian part of the city, in the Park of Kozitsky. The sculptural composition is a figure of the architect Artynov, who was walking around the city, and sat down on a bench in the park. The bench, on which architect is sitting, is unusual - it consists of various works by Artynov, the famous buildings of Vinnitsa, created by the projects by Artynov.
The central arch and upper ledge of the school # 2, which was formerly known as the women's gymnasium, served as the basis for the bronze monument. Back of the bench reminds the top of the arched window.
Note that Grigory Artynov worked as a chief architect of Vinnitsa, since 1900 until his death. He is the author of wonderful projects of such buildings in the city, as a former City Council (Sobornaya street), the tower in the square of Kozitsky, the building of the musical dramatic theater, the former women's gymnasium, hotel “Savoy”, as well as regional library.
Gregory Artynov also involved in the construction of railways, bridges, which united the shores of the island of Kempa, before the building of the Central Bridge. Artynov also participated in the establishment of the first tram line, water supply and power station in the city. The name of an outstanding architect took one of the streets of Vinnitsa.
Monument to Grigory Artynov is skillfully created bench with a bronze figure of the architect sitting on it. This bench is the right place to relax in the shade of the trees to the citizens and guests of the city. People like to be photographed with the architect.