Hotels in Khotyn 360° spherical Panoramas

City of Khotyn that is the administrative center of Khotyn district and a part of Chernivtsi region, is a real pearl of of Bukovyna. Khotyn attracts tourists from all over the country every year. Khotyn is located on the right bank of the Dniester river, and it’s easy to get to the city - you can travel by bus or by car. The nearest railway station " Kamyanets-Podilsky " is at the distance of 20 kilometers from Khotyn.
The city is striking in its purity, nature and spectacular scenery. It should be noted that the interest is attracted to sight of Khotyn, especially to the famous Khotyn fortress. In 2000 it has been awarded the status of the National Ukrainian Architectural Preserve.
Arriving to Khotyn you probably wonder - where to stay for the night. We will be happy to help you in finding a suitable hotel. To do this, you will need to review the 3D panoramas of institutions at our website and choose exactly what place you like the most.
Khotyn is the city of travelers, so it has enough hotels, both in the country and inside the city.
Your aim is to find the hotel, that’ll be is suitable not only for the price category, but will provide all necessary facilities, have pleasant design and be situated in the suitable part of the city. The hotels in the country are most suitable for tourists visiting Khotyn with a guided tour. For business travel, of course, the best choice is hotel that is close to the center, close to transport interchanges.
All hotels of Khotyn offer everything that is needed for the traveler - the comfort and coziness, high quality service and most importantly - low prices. Rooms in hotels of Khotyn are not only comfortable, decorated in contemporary style and are ideal for a pleasant and relaxing holiday. Here you can relax from the hustle and bustle of the city and collect your thoughts.
Hotels of Khotyn offer parking lots, restaurants with delicious dishes of national and European cuisine, and in some institutions, your service will be presented with the sauna and beauty salon as well.
Hotels of Khotyn make everything for their clients to make the holiday comfortable.
To make your vacation more comfortable hotels of Khotyn accept payments any way - you can pay for by cash or by credit card.
In the hotel of Khotyn you will be offered with all necessary information, the stuff will answer your questions and if you want the may call you a taxi.