Ternopil. 3D panoramas, spherical panorama

Ternopil is very interesting city to visit. At first it was called Tarnopol - named after its founder John Amor Tarnavsky, who built a castle in the city that is the main attraction of the city.
Construction of the Ternopil Castle is up to the period 1540-1548. In the seventeenth century the castle was surrounded by a moat and an oak stockade.
For centuries, the castle has been destroyed and rebuilt again. After the 1672-1675 period the castle was in ruins, but in the XIX century, the mayor proposed to remove the remains of fortifications, and turned the castle into a palace, which may see the citizens and guests of Ternopil.
In the center of the city there is an artificial lake, which makes Ternopil so famous as well. The area of the lake is more than 300 hectares. By the way, Ternopil is one of the two cities in Europe that has a lake.
Buildings in Ternopil in different periods have been destroyed and nearly wiped out, but some buildings still miraculously managed to save. Among them is Dominican cathedral, for which the project has created a well-known at the time the architect A.Moshinsky. Religious building combines the exquisite Baroque architecture, coupled with the traditional authenticity. In Soviet times, in the Dominican Cathedral was an art gallery, but after the collapse of the USSR it became the cathedral church once again.
In the district of Ternopil there are numerous cultural and architectural sites to see, which are available in towns and cities in the region. Special attention should be paid to Zbarazh, because it is this town in Ternopil region occurred many events, which involved Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky. In this city you can see Zbarazh castle that was once the residence of Yarema Vishnevetsky. Fortifications and the facade of the castle were restored, and now the ancient interiors are under the reconstruction. Now the castle act as the museum where you can see the old household items, family portraits of Vyshnevetsky famoly. In a wing of the castle is open organ hall, where people spend beautiful wedding ceremonies.
In addition, there is in an old monastery complex in Zbarazh - Bernardine Monastery. It also suffered for various reasons, and now the monastery is actively reconstructed. It is noteworthy that even after the restoration work belfry of the monastery complex still bears traces of baroque architecture.