The city of Uman is famous for a real gem - a famous arboretum "Sofiyivka". This park can rightly be called one of the most beautiful places in the world, gathered in yourself the best masterpieces of landscape art. It's not only the trees and flowers there - here you can see a harmonious blend of water, land, nature, as well as works of sculpture and architecture.
Park was founded by Count Stanislav-Félix Potocki in 1796. In 1802 Stanislav presented the park to his beautiful Greek wife Sophia for her birthday. Belgian military engineer L.Mettsel participated in the construction of the park and used the subjects of Greek and Roman mythology.
At that time, there in "Sofiyivka" appeared large waterfall with an iron bridge, Thunderous cave, carved out of the rock gateway of Amsterdam, Grotto of Venus, Upper and Lower ponds, the pool "Fish" and even an underground river Styx. However, after some time the park was replenished with new unique attraction - the water gates were built, as well as pavilion Flora, Pink Pavilion, and the Chinese pavilion.
Original works of sculpture park "Sofiyivka" exhibited at the main entrance of the hotel-museum. The new entrance is opposite the bus station. There you can find a shop with saplings.
The park is open every day from 9 am. Certainly, you can get there before. Be sure to go to the park with a guided tour - you will not only enjoy the walk, but also learn a lot of new and unusual. Entrance to the park after 18:00 is free of charge.
On the boat you can sail through the underground river, ride a ferry or catamaran or even gondola. You can also ride a horse there. Visitors can take a picture in historical costumes of the 19th century.
Newlyweds are not unusual visitors for the park "Sofiyivka". Here are obtained extraordinary photographs, and in the Pavilion of Flora is the place to conduct registration of marriages - for newlyweds from all cities of Ukraine.