Vinnitsa musical drama theatre

 Vinnitsa musical drama theatre is a key cultural center of the city and the region, which took the name of Mykola Sadovsky, actor and director of the theatre. Drama theatre is a real gem of Vinnytsia, and besides, it has giving performances for fans of theatrical art of different epochs already more than 100 years. Every visitor of Vinnitsa theatre will find interesting performance for each taste, which will be a favorite one. In the repertoire of musical-drama theatre of Vinnitsa there are performances of classical works of world and Russian literature, and this means a lot of interesting and exciting performances for everyone.
1910 year became the starting point for the Vinnitsa theatre since this was the time of completing of the construction, and the theatre was opened. Shortly after the opening of the theater a professional company of actors replenished talents, among which were such outstanding personalities as А.Buchma, V.Sokyrko and G.Jura. Now the building of the musical dramatic theater still amazes with its beauty and elegance, and its draft was created by the famous architect Grigory Artynov. Funds for the construction of the Vinnitsa theatre were obtained by donations of urban elites. Financial investments and efforts of Artynov helped to build and equip theatre in just 11 months.
The own company in the theater appeared in 1933, and then the theatre season had started. On the stage of the theatre before 1940 there were only performances of ballet and opera, and after the theatre was named musical drama, it began to put on plays. During the Great Patriotic war, during the occupation, the theatre continued to work, and plays were frequently visited by high-ranking officials of the German army. The German politician and military leader Hermann Goering visited Vinnitsa theatre, the Opera «Carmen». However, despite the passion for art, and the retreat of the theatre and other beautiful buildings in Vinnitsa were burned.
The new troupe entered in the restored building of the theatre, and a new era in the existence of the drama theatre has began. The theatre got the name Sadovsky in 1957 after the successful tours conducted in Moscow. Director F. Vereshchagin for a long time was being a headmaster of the theatre, but he died, and in 1996 one of Vinnytsia streets was named after him.