3D picture in Vinnitsa

In the Center of Vinnitsa, in the squire of Kozitsky, right on the sidewalk tile, there is another decoration of the city. It is 3D canyon drawn at the foot of the Water tower of Vinnitsa, which appeared before the celebration of Days of Europe in 2012.

Specifically for creating three-dimensional images the city management of Vinnitsa invited Ternopil artists. The authors of amazing 3D picture note that the 3D images exicst only in Ternopil and Kyiv, and now one of them has Vinnitsa as well.
As noted the artists Vladimir Melimuk and Jan Zakharchuk, 3D picture in Vinnitsa will be the largest in Ukraine.
Three-dimensional canyon in Vinnitsa was drawn for the Day of Europe in 2012, which was celebrated on the19th of May. The image is a canyon with raging waters artfully crafted using crayons and paints, which is supposedly derived from under the Water tower. The illusion of a volume is created in that case, if you look at it from a certain point. This point is specifically indicated on the pavement by white cross.
3D picture in Vinnitsa Park looks especially good on the pictures.

3D drawings traditionally become favorite places to photograph with tourists and become a kind of attractions.