Restaurants in Chernivtsy

Restaurant Astorya Restaurant "Grand piano"
Restaurant Premium, Lounge bar Prime
Restaurant for the wedding in Chernivtsi! Holidays, anniversaries, corporate parties are not far from these days, and the people are already preparing for the holidays. Everybody wants to see only the most close people around – our relatives, lovers and best friends. And the celebration has to be in holiday mood, without any trouble.
But you have to celebrate and not take care about all the preparations. All you have to do is to enjoy the holiday, tasty meals and drinks. The one thing you need is to pick up the phone, dial the number you and book a table at one of the restaurants of the city of Chernivtsi. Spherical 3D panoramas will help you to choose the best restaurant this.
Each celebration requires the thorough preparation. In this preparation there is included a festive dishes, drinks, decoration of the interior, appropriate music or some background music. With regard to all of the above, it is the responsibility of the team of specialists. Chef will cook the most delicious meals. Festive menu is sure to please you with its diversity - from the favorite traditional Ukrainian dishes up to exotic dishes of the cuisine of other Nations - Asian cuisines, European and many others. To the meals you will be offered drinks - soft and strong ones. New year, anniversaries, birthdays not do without sparkling champagne.
The interior of the restaurants is solemn and cozy and it captures the imagination in a spherical panorama and impresses with its comfort, while the interiors have the special color and make the mood for a truly festive celebration.
Another important thing is the music. At the ceremony in the restaurant it is pleasant to relax completely, but it’s impossible without dancing. Talented musicians and DJs will perform any of your music wish.
No matter are you gathered whether with your friends or your family, or colleagues for a corporate party, every restaurant in Chernivtsi make their best for you. You can be sure that everything will be in the best way. The personnel of the restaurant will work for the glory, for the wonderful memories about your holiday!