Hotels in Chernivtsi

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Hotel Mariletta

Hotel in Chernivtsi is a building with rooms equipped with furniture, designed for short-term stay of people. The world tourism organization provides its own definition for the term «hotel», which means the collective accommodation of people, where is a certain number of rooms, and where are granted certain specific services. Hotels in Chernivtsi distribute on their own classification, and the one or the other category is assigned a hotel in accordance with the services that they provide ***, **, or*****.

The other type of hotels on purpose - is resort hotels, which provide the service of accommodation, food, as well as the list of other services to people, who arrived in order to have a rest and restore the health. Most of the resort hotels are located near a variety of health resorts, places of leisure and treatment in the climatic and natural conditions - for example, in the mountains and at the seaside.
Hotels in Chernivtsi also provide for a more-or-less permanent residence in some cases. They provide rooms with bathroom and toilet, TV is common in the room of a modern hotel. The conditions of accommodation in the hotels in some cases provide a free Breakfast.
Depending on the location of the hotels of the city of Chernivtsi, the hotels are urban, suburban, roadside, floating, etc., during the functioning of these are seasonal and year-round; size - small, large, medium, and giant. If the hotel is located in the nature of the destination, then we can consider the following groups of them, as the hotel of business destination and resort hotels. In the hotel of business destination, the target category are persons on business trip. Hotels of this type in addition to accommodation are usually calculated on the maintenance of the various business activities - a different kind of symposia, conferences, congresses and so on. From 10 to 15% of the total number of trips are incentive travel of staff of the companies - the so-called incentive tourism, which is also served by such hotels.
On a class of quality of service of the property is determined by the number of stars. The greatest distribution provide three-star hotels. In the rooms of such hotels are usually bathroom with WC and a bath, TV. There are towels and means of hygiene.
More convenient is the hotel category of four stars, three stars(4***, 3***). The hotel rooms are in addition to the necessary hygiene means provide an additional bar, safe, and the rooms are equipped with telephone of long-distance communication. Usually the luxury design-hotels have guarded parking, and the services are included in the price of accommodation. Also in the complex of the hotel usually includes a restaurant, a swimming pool and gyms.
Five star hotel (5 stars*****) - this is a very prestigious hotel in Chernivtsi, where guests can expect not only a luxurious rooms, as well as the rest in the night club and a SPA salon, which is located in the hotel. The level of service of five-star hotels is very high. As practice shows, such hotels best suit for longer stays - for months or even years