Floating fountain in Vinnitsa, Ukraine

 The only floating fountain in Ukraine was built in Vinnitsa, in the river Southern Bug . It is worth noting that this amazing fountain is also the largest in Europe. Fountain ROSHEN among the five largest fountains in the world .
To operate using 227 unique fountain nozzles and 560 underwater lights create an amazing light show . In addition , the design of the Vinnitsa Fountain also provides for so-called " water screen " on which you can see a variety of projection images.
Amazing fountain in the winery has another feature - it is built on the "winter of technology " , which means that during the cold season to put the ice fountain design . In the technical description of Vinnitsa Fountain noted that the height of the jet is 60 meters, while the 140 meters - this is the figure frontal expansion of the jet. The show, which shows the light and music fountain Vinnytsia , charms , charms and captivates , and not surprisingly, it is compared with a dancing fountain in Dubai. In order to view a unique view of a fountain in Vinnitsa , many people come from other cities and even countries and select a time to see this or that show in the schedule fountain.
Reconstruction of the embankment , which now bears the name Roshan , was produced at the expense of private investment. It should be noted that the repairs were 700 meters of quay , also has a new irrigation system surrounding areas , as well as the lighting system . To install a fountain, were carried out extensive work on clearing the channel of the South Bug - was cleared about 28,000 cubic meters of soil , thereby creating so amazing and large-scale construction.
Vinnytsia fountain was opened relatively recently - September 4, 2011 The opening ceremony , which was attended by over 70,000 people. Live opening Vinnitsa dancing fountain broadcast local and foreign TV channels, as well as many websites