Area Lenin in Simferopol. Panorama 3D

A central area of Simferopol is an area of Lenin. The unchanging symbol of soviet epoch overpeers in the center of area- monument to the leader of proletariat to Lenin.In Ukraine the number of statues of Lenin rapidly declining, but some monuments of the USSR, worked on those outstanding Soviet architects still preserved. Monument to Lenin in Simferopol was opened in 1967, sculptor V. Stamov, architect V. Popov. Height figures ideologue Revolution five and a half meters, it is made of bronze and mounted on a pedestal of red granite. The total height of the monument 10 meters. Numerous tourists "from countries near and far abroad", having been in Simferopol, certainly photograph a statue of Lenin and other monuments to Soviet times.

In Simferopol residents relating to the monument to Lenin's ambiguous, some people perceive it simply as a monument to the Soviet era, while others, mindful of street crimes against humanity, want immediate demolition of the monument, but were also those for whom Lenin, "the great leader and teacher. "
On Lenin Square in Simferopol are also building the Crimean Ukrainian Musical Theatre and the building of the Council of Ministers. On the eve of new year on Lenin Square has always set the main Christmas tree in Simferopol.

At Christmas and New Year celebrations in the square is always crowded. Parents bring their children to look at Christmas Christmas trees, sparkling lights. January 7, 2012 in Crimea Ukrainian theater was opened on Christmas trees and premiere a new play "Snow Queen". Spherical Panorama Lenin Square in Simferopol made during the Christmas holidays 2012