Residence of the metropolitans of Bukovina

This is spherical panorama of the architectural ensemble of the Residence of the metropolitans of Bukovina.
On the 28th of June, 2011 was formally decided to include the former Residence of the Metropolitan of Bukovina and Dalmatia to the list of world cultural heritage. On the 15th of December, 2011, UNESCO certificate was officially awarded to the Chairman of regional state administration Mikhail Papiev, who solemnly handed over the certificate for eternal keeping to the rector of UNIVERSITY Stepan Melnichuk. The construction of the Residence of Bukovinian metropolitans is the main attraction of Chernivtsi, this architectural ensemble is one of the most often photographed places. And also a favorite place for wedding photo shoots is here, in Chernivtsi National University of Fedkovych. This university holds the largest number of students of Bukovina. The old Episcopal Palace was being at this point during 1864-1882 years, and on its place there was built the Residence of the metropolitans of Bukovina. The residence of the Metropolitan appeared thanks to the efforts of Bishop Eugene Hakman, which in 1863 made the Austrian king to permit the building of new spacious residence, worthy of the capital of Bukovina. Already in the following year Bishop Hakman laid the corner stone in the foundation of the future residence.
The project of the architectural ensemble performed by famous Czech scientist, architect, academician of Josef Hlavka. He designed unconventional complex of buildings in the spirit of eclecticism, with a predominance of elements of Byzantine and Romanesque styles. This project repeatedly took prize-winning places on known architecture competitions and was particularly marked at the world exhibition in Paris