Spherical panorama is a cinema "Chernivtsi"

 There is the intersection of the streets Universitetskaya, Vatutina and Beethoven. Click anywhere on panorama with the left mouse button and move the mouse in the opposite sides of panorama – it will rotate.We recommend clicking mode FULLSCRIN (the lower button on the right of the panorama).

The most famous building, from those you see on a spherical panorama is a cinema "Chernivtsi", located in the historical development of the city until the arrival of the Soviet power there was a choral synagogue "Tempel", built in 1877 in the Moorish style.
In 1872 on the initiative of the philanthropist Henry Wagner was founded the «Society for the construction of the Jewish temple" in Chernivtsi (Czernowitzer Israelitische Tempelverein). The Committee included well-known representatives of the public, and collecting donations began. The widow of a major industrialist М.Zuker Amalia gave the place for construction of the "temple". It was located in the center of the city, far from the old Jewish neighborhood. Project of the Church community has ordered the famous Polish architect, graduate of the Vienna technical University, Professor of the Lviv Technical Academy Julian Zakharevich, which at that time was engaged in the project of the railway Lviv - Chernivtsi. In the design of the synagogue also participated Chernivtsi architects Anton Fiala and Johann Gregor.
The first stone in the Foundation of the building was laid on 8 may 1873 by Chief Rabbi Dr. Igel. But in the future, the construction was delayed due to financial difficulties. It was completed thanks to generous donation from the Heinrich Wagner. The temple was solemnly opened on 4 September 1877. The opening was widely covered in the press.
The building was monumental. Capacity of the temple was 1000 people. The main entrance was intended for men and led into the lobby. (Women could come inside through two separate side entrance.) On a memorial Board in the lobby there was a list of 100 of the philanthropists who donated for the construction. The main hall was richly decorated, wall light blue and blue dome with a golden stars painted with first-class artists. On the side walls there were stained glass. In the ark with the red velvet curtain and a gold-embroidered stored 60 Torah scrolls.
The "Temple" was reconstructed in 1937. After joining of Northern Bukovina to the USSR in 1940, the synagogue was confiscated by the state and closed. On the 5th of July, 1941, German and Romanian troops occupied the city. The synagogue was set on fire; a fire destroyed the interior decoration and the lining of the dome. For several days the members of the aynzatshrupy by the Romanian police destroyed 2000 Jews, including the chief Rabbi Abraham Brand.
In the 50s of the XX century, the remains of the synagogue were tried to blow up. Outer walls of the buildings still stood, but the dome was demolished. To the newly built building, in the remaining walls, was added the fourth floor and a gable roof with a pediment, and in 1959 it was opened a cinema «October» («Zhovten»), that in 1992 took the name «Chernivtsi». Modern building is a little similar to the original, although it retained some external shape. In the spring of 2012 in the Cinema «Chernivtsi» will be established modern 3D equipment and the largest screen in Chernivtsi - 18,4х8.6 meters.