Sights in Uzhhorod

Uzhgorod is not only the administrative center of the Transcarpathian region, it is also unusually beautiful and ancient city, which history goes to the deep centuries. There is always a place for tourist excursions and educational travel, because there really is something to see.
The real pride of the town is its ancient castle, which is visible from any place of the city. It is located on the hill, in the Eastern part of the town. This castle was built in the 10th-11th century and earlier it was the residence of the ancient Russian Prince Laborets. The fortress was often under attack, taken in the siege, but there was no result because the castle was well strengthened. Master of the Uzhgorod castle changed in 173 of the year, when Andrei Bachinsky asked Maria Theresa to give the castle under the leadership of the Mukachiv eparchy. From that time here was the place of theological Seminary. Now the Uzhgorod castle is a large Museum of local lore. It is remarkable, that on the territory of the castle you can find an interesting sculpture – Hercules killing Hydra.
Separately, it is worth to mention that the Museum of folk architecture and life of the town is located close to the fortress. Here you can find a lot of interesting samples of wooden architecture of the region.
Transcarpathian region in miniature - this can be seen only in Vynohradiv district in the Transcarpathian Museum of folk architecture and life. There you can see a Church, a mill and a small houses - layouts, like for real.
It is worth to pay attention to the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Uzhgorod. It is the Cathedral of the monastery of Jesuits, but is passed to the Greek-Catholics in 1773. Inside it you can see the unique Transcarpathian painting.
In the suburbs of Uzhgorod village Horyany there is an interesting structure – rotunda of Horyany, which is an example of the ancient Russian architecture, which has reached our days. The temple building is executed in the form of a hexagon, and visitors can appreciate the beauty of its frescoes.
Former home of the landlords is the Building of the Forest. He is known as the birthplace of Hungarian poet I.Diendeshy.
Also the Small Lviv railway is worth to be seen in Uzhgorod. It starts from the Theatre square and ends at the city Park. There is the Botanic garden in the route.