Sights in Khmelnitsky. 360° spherical Panoramas

Khmelnitsky - it is not just the administrative center of Khmelnitsky region. It is a city with a rich history that was always interesting by its trade routes, and now tourists are flocking here from all over Ukraine. The city is interesting for its modernity – there are loads of places to have a rest, to have a meal and entertain. Not just in the city, but also in the country there are many lodges, hotels and resorts.
Khmelnitsky. Park im.Shevchenko
Khmelnitsky regional council
Khmelnitsky, a puppet theater. 3D Tour
Hall of Fame city of Khmelnitsky
Khmelnitsky Station
Khmelnitsky, whose age is almost 600 years, may be interested by its architectural ensemble. The whole city center looks as the collection of houses and office buildings built in the late XIX - early XX century. To date, these buildings are important, because one of them contains the city council, the rest are theaters, museums and other institutions. Buildings are stored in a memory of the various historical events. This can be seen on the memorial plaques installed in the sign of the various revolutionary events.
Khmelnitsky received its modern appearance from the Soviet Union, as it was then, and had built the main building - the building of regional administration, philharmonic, theater, and other monuments. Also in town you can find a variety of memorials dedicated to Taras Shevchenko, to Bohdan Khmelnitsky, who gave his name to the city, as well as Nikolai Ostrovsky and Anton Makarenko.
Dominican Monastery of St. Vincent and the church de Paul is one of the most interesting places in Khmelnitsky. It was founded in 1612, and its current building was built later, in 1789. There was a monastery until 1859, and later it became the Orthodox Church, which has not worked during the USSR times.
We should also mention the art gallery of Khmelnitsky, as well as museum and museum of the history of the city. Regional Museum of Art contains over 8000 works of art by contemporary artists. As for the Art Gallery, it is located in a former bank building.
The City Museum of History will be interesting in that it exhibits many interesting things according to the history of Khmelnitsky. In the heart of a modern museum building there are more than 60,000 objects from different times, which have great historical value.
However, the most interesting and favorite place for city guests and residents of Khmelnitsky is the Square named after Taras Shevchenko. In the area of the square until the XIX century has been an oak grove, which later changed into the trading area. At the end of the century there was decided to create a park. In the park of Shevchenko you can see a lot of ornamental trees and shrubs. Also, there is also a cinema here. The curious mysterious metal sculpture by contemporary master N.Mazur also may be interesting to the visitors.